Friday 21 September 2012

will you share our dream?

What makes you laugh, or your eyes go wide or make your heart go thump!! Thump!!!! Thump!!!?

This question takes you back to your childhood isn’t it? 

The 1st tickle…..
That made you giggle…
Unforgettable or should I say memorable
Funny faces made by an uncle or a cousin…
Ofcourse your 1st introduction to cartoons..

The commonly referred to as ‘running book’ where you flip pages like cards and the character is moving And then that child in you which refuses to budge from in front of the TV Watching the famous Walt Disney characters come to life and entertain an innocent mind.

Well we in Amun Re-ey Productions want to keep that child in every one alive and kicking too. We understand the art, craft and business of animation, whether it’s from creating original characters and ideas, to learning how to pitch ideas to presenting as boring a topic as history come to life in front of you.

Our animation comedy and gags goes through showing that it is coming from the perspective of the creator and also how our comedy in animation is unique from others.

We believe that animation is a very strong visual medium, to make every one laugh and not only understand a concept but also grasp the story with its morals.



Our Strength –

  • Our animators are actors themselves
  • Our visualisers are characters themselves
  • Our scriptwriters are great weavers
  • Our editors are scissor hands
  • Our background scorers are good hitters
  • Our whole team is a show reel on the run.

Our skills –

We specialize in 3D animations

Our core competencies are…
  • 3D Modeling, 
  • Character Animations, 
  • Gaming, 
  • Ads
  • Animated movies
  • Film Editing, 
  • VFX
  • Compositing, 
  • Architectural Walkthroughs & Views,  
  • Packaging, etc.
We let our work speak for us.

If we fit in your theme of work, lets join hands and create magic for the dreamers of this world.

The team of dream catchers…. 

Concept Dog..

Concept Robot

Game Characters and Environments

Game props

Lowpoly Cars....
                                                             Lowpoly car for games


Game works

Z brush model
Concept tank model
Concept Robot
Concept car
Anubis lowpoly character
Robotic Character

movie Character
Pandavas Characters
Egypt movie Concept work
Movie bedroom scene

Egypt movie scene